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How long will loadshedding last?

losing revenue as a result of power outageDo I need to buy a generator if I don’t already have one? Zambia has little to no spare electricity generation capacity when rainfall is low because of our reliance on hydropower generation.

With the talk of the El Nino weather phenomenon possibly being one of the strongest on record we can expect to have low rainfall for the rest of summer.

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Two questions for the new IRP to be released March 2016

EP Image thumbThe Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is South Africa's energy roadmap for Electric Power until 2030.

The IRP is under review and is due to be published in March 2016. The 2010 version of the IRP was revised in 2012/2013. This revision was released for public comment but hasn't been promulgated.

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Come visit our stand at Bauma 2015 from the 15th – 18th September

bwp 1145Arun Kumar, of the US Commerce Department notes the outstanding example of longstanding collaboration between Caterpillar and Barloworld Power.

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Zambia mines to experience power cuts

8350 NXPowerLiteDiesel generators the answer to power constraints for Zambia's mines?
Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP) is a network of countries that have a connected transmission and distribution grid. Of the total power in the Southern Africa Power Pool South Africa has the majority of the generating capacity.

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Stop hunger now 67 minutes

0536 NXPowerLiteThe Barloworld Power team supported the STOP HUNGER NOW Initiative on the 17th July 2015.

Stop Hunger Now, is an international organisation that coordinates the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid worldwide.

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Stand G3 at African Rail Exhibition from the 30th June - 1st July 2015

Visit Barloworld Power at stand G3 African Rail Exhibition from the 30th June -1st July 2015, Sandton Convention Centre. Cat Rail Engines from Barloworld Power have an exceptionally long life which is dependent on product support, service intervals and parts availability. To speak to a Rail expert call 0860 898 000

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The scale of load shedding is difficult to comprehend

Losing-Revenue-imageMany of us experienced load shedding as having no power at home or at work. To explain the impact we thought it would be interesting to translate the load shedding stages into number of small household generators that would have to be turned on to account for the load shedding stages.

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Barloworld Power to assemble CAT generators in South Africa

A significant milestone is reached as a 550 kVA Cat C15 diesel generator set is assembled at Barloworld Power's Boksburg facilityCaterpillar and Barloworld Power have launched a combined initiative to assemble Cat electric power generators in South Africa to meet rising demand, reduce unit cost and promote localisation.

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Barloworld Power Rental takes off in the Cape

Rental-picture1Business has been growing steadily since Barloworld Power, Caterpillar's southern African dealer, opened its power rental operation in Cape Town in October 2014 – and it's not all about load shedding.

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South Africa has enough coal to last 116 years:

Coal-Bed-Methane-usage-for-Electric-PowerCoal reserves in South Africa are estimated at 30 billion tonnes, of which 47 percent are being mined underground.

Most of our energy needs are met by coal. Did you know that Coal Bed Methane is also a viable energy source?

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