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High temperatures coupled with an increase in electricity tariffs could pose a problem for many

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In recent months we have been hard hit with severe drought conditions, the farming sector has suffered which will ultimately affect the price of food etc. Many foresee 2016 to be a challenging year for businesses in South Africa.

An Increase in electricity tariffs could affect the running of day to day businesses, combined with high temperatures and the increased use of electricity.

With a rise in demand for electricity in African countries, this could strain our grid making power outages not a thing of the past.

How can businesses pre-empt power outages? If you own a generator you can purchase a maintenance plan which will include a number of service inspections through the year and an annual service.

If you would like to purchase a generator, our generator specialists will spec a solution based on your business needs. Our generator offerings cater for medium to large businesses starting from 33 Kva generators.

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