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Barloworld Power achieves Gold status for its service delivery efforts

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Barloworld Power has officially become the first Caterpillar Power Systems dealer in Africa to achieve the Caterpillar Gold Level Marine Service Assessment status. This achievement certified by Det Norske Veritas-Germanisher Lloyd (DNV-GL) confirms Barloworld’s high level of service delivery and its committed support to its marine customers.

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Barloworld launches Cat® Thin Film Solar Power Solutions


On 26 August, Barloworld announced the launch of a new, high performance photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solution targeted at southern Africa’s commercial and industrial (C&I) power segment. 

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Green Buildings are bridging the gap between cost-effective electricity and technology

Standard Bank Facility ImageThere is a trend among multinational and large companies of shifting towards more sustainable alternatives to save and preserve electricity while saving money too. 

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New Product Support Service Number

Barloworld Power Article image 400x400Barloworld is committed to service excellence and, in yet another effort to make our customers’ lives easier, we have decided to launch a new number for our product support services. Whether you are searching for genuine CAT, Perkins or MaK parts, or have been subjected to engine or generator failures, all you have to do it call one number to have all your parts and service needs addressed. 

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Barloworld Power lights up Francistown Stadium in Botswana

ups 400x400Barloworld Power helped keep the lights on at Francistown Stadium for several FIFA sanctioned international soccer matches by completing its order for the CAT flywheel UPS (Uniterruptible Power Supply) technology solution in early 2014.

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Keep On the Solar Side

Barloworld Website 250x250 2With the rising cost of electricity, organisations are looking for cost-effective power alternatives. As Africans, we are privileged to live on a continent that receives sunlight all year round, making it the place to go solar!

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High temperatures coupled with an increase in electricity tariffs could pose a problem for many

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In recent months we have been hard hit with severe drought conditions, the farming sector has suffered which will ultimately affect the price of food etc. Many foresee 2016 to be a challenging year for businesses in South Africa.

An Increase in electricity tariffs could affect the running of day to day businesses, combined with high temperatures and the increased use of electricity.


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Count on CAT Rental Power to keep the lights on this holiday

Risk of no power this festive season

It’s that season of the year when our businesses are running at full capacity, aiming to hit the biggest sales targets. Hotels are aiming for their highest occupancy, shops are aiming to move the most stock, restaurants are full and it’s when your business makes its most money.

Many businesses are starting to realise that it’s worth renting a generator for the silly season to protect this massive earning period.


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I have a generator now what?

IMG 1266 2Generators are like cars. You need to take your car for a service every 15 000km’s. Aeroplanes also need to be serviced regularly, but aeroplanes don’t measure distance travelled to determine when the service should be done. They rather use the number of hours the aeroplane has been operating. The key thing is that engines need to be serviced regularly.


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Will loadshedding continue or not?

Will loadshedding continue or notDo I still need to buy a generator if I don’t already have one. The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes, for many years South Africa has had too little spare electricity generation capacity.

Think of South Africa’s ability to produce electricity like the fuel tank of your car, when you get near the bottom of the tank you still have a reserve tank in case of an emergency. On a daily basis we consume electricity that should be reserved for emergencies only. This leaves us with nothing spare in case of an emergency (an example of an emergency would be a coal silo breaking).

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